Why You Need Table Numbers

You've got a steady stream of customers coming in, your kitchen is backed up and you're running short on staff. A problem most any restaurateur can relate too. Table numbers can help alleviate some of the headaches. Having your customers place their order at the counter, pay and be handed a table number allows your customer to find a seat of their choosing. Many customers love being able to find just the right spot to suit them. The customer's number can be written on their order ticket or entered into your POS, whichever system you use. The tasks of greeting, making menu recommendations, upselling and processing payment can be handled by a single employee at the counter. Your employee's focus can remain on the customer in front of them.

With the increasing costs of operating a food business, table numbers help reduce your payroll by eliminating the need for a separate hostess, waiter, and runner. Instead, your business can operate leaner while still allowing your staff to focus on providing the best dining experience for every customer. Table numbers can be utilized by calling out the order number and having your customer return to the counter for pick up. Or, the most common use is having an employee bring the customer's order directly to their table. Whichever way works the best for your operation, table numbers allow your employees a face to face interaction with your customer giving your staff the opportunity to make sure all your customer's needs have been met.

The tent style of our table numbers allows them to stack and sit neatly on the counter most often by the register allowing a smooth handoff to your customer. The bold number (printed on both sides) offers fast recognition when delivering orders to the tables. You'll find that orders will be delivered quickly and with more accuracy than other forms of numbering systems.

Another great benefit of using our table numbers is that there is no system to maintain...... no downloads, upgrades, system malfunctions, screen freezing, system crashing, or clouds to contend with. You'll also find that even with periodic replacement of table number sets (since they will show wear and tear over time) the cost is significantly less than any other numbering system.

Table numbers come in a variety of stock colors and two different sizes to choose from. Table numbers are not only great for use in restaurants but also catered events, schools, and events. You'll love the convenience, efficiency and organization table numbers can bring to your operations.